(If paying at our shop premises)


(The second month if paying online. The first month remains at 5% if paying online )


(From the third month onwards if paying online)
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Art and antiques
Hainvest pawnshop accepts as collateral in a high value as antiques and art objects.
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Proof 585

25.00 €

Proof 925

0,50 €

Pricelist of gold & silver


There are many possible reasons for needing disposable cash quickly. The Hainvest pawn shop exists to provide loans based on the collateral of marketable items. In the interests of the customer’s privacy we guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the loan procedure. No information will be passed on to third parties. The borrower will not be required to provide a pay slip or have a guarantor and when mutual agreement is reached the rest of the procedure is completed in minutes. Looking forward to your visit, Hainvest OÜ  

Avatud: E–N 11.00–17.00 R 11.00–15.00 · L–P suletudHAINVEST OÜ · Pronksi 11, Tallinn · Tel: 6466 454 · E-post:

LHV: EE947700771002634253

Annual percentage rate per annum up to a maximum 60%