(If paying at our shop premises)


(The second month if paying online. The first month remains at 5% if paying online )


(From the third month onwards if paying online)
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Art and antiques
Hainvest pawnshop accepts as collateral in a high value as antiques and art objects.
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Proof 585

25.00 €

Proof 925

0,50 €

Pricelist of gold & silver

Loan conditions

Amount of loan – The Lender will determine the value of the loan. Upon receiving the Borrower’s agreement a loan contract between the Borrower and the Pawn Shop is signed. The minimum amount lent for collateral is 100 €. Loan agreement term – The minimal duration of the loan contract is 1 month. The agreement enters into force at the moment of signing and remains in force until the Borrower has paid off all arrears or until the term of the loan agreement expires. If the Borrower has not paid off the loan at the time of the term deadline, the Pawn Shop reserves the right to liquidate the pawned item(s) to cover the debt. The collateral – Items used as collateral will be stored by the Pawn Shop and safeguarded by a contracted security provider. The Pawn Shop does not take responsibility for the pawned items if they are damaged during the loan term due to changes in legislation, decisions of state organs, police actions, war, blockade, earthquakes or any other force majeure events.

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Annual percentage rate per annum up to a maximum 60%