(If paying at our shop premises)


(The second month if paying online. The first month remains at 5% if paying online )


(From the third month onwards if paying online)
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Art and antiques
Hainvest pawnshop accepts as collateral in a high value as antiques and art objects.
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Proof 585

25.00 €

Proof 925

0,50 €

Pricelist of gold & silver

About pawn loans

A pawn loan is a quick and effective way to obtain cash. The pawn loan is secured by the collateral. Even though the item used as collateral will be held by the pawn shop, the pawner retains all rights to it. All items are securely stored by the pawn shop. The borrower must be at least 18 years old and bring along a valid photo ID. The pawned item must be presented to the customer service assistant, who will evaluate its collateral value. The purpose of the loan will not be asked and the transaction will remain confidential. Any information concerning the customers will not be shared with third parties and the transaction will not be displayed by any public credit reference services. The loan contract will be issued on the spot and the cash will be at your disposal within minutes. The credit costs will be paid upon redeeming the pawn or extending the loan period. The length of the loan period is 1 month with an option to extend.

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Annual percentage rate per annum up to a maximum 60%